How to prepare for a medical emergency when bike touring

It doesn't matter how well you know a trail - accidents and injuries can happen even on the easiest of rides and if you're left unprepared you could risk putting yourself in serious danger.

What is the number one rule when it comes to bike touring - other than to have fun? Be prepared, of course. It doesn't matter how well you know a trail - accidents and injuries can happen even on the easiest of rides, and if you're left unprepared you risk putting yourself in serious danger. 

When you're on a bike tour you need to be ready to deal with everything from a scraped knee to animal bites to broken bones. Here's a list o
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When bike tours get wet: How to tough it out in inclement weather

Make no mistake, a distant rumble of thunder should not be taken lightly.

Nothing disrupts bike touring faster than the overhead rumbles of a looming thunder and lightning storm. Make no mistake, a distant burst of thunder should not be taken lightly. According to the Red Cross, with thunder comes lightning, and lightning kills more people than tornadoes or hurricanes every year. And when you are on a ride in the wilderness with little shelter available, the
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Watch out for these dangerous animals when you’re bike touring

Do you know what you would do if you came across some of nature's most fierce and claws?

When you're bike touring in the back country you have to be prepared for a number of things the wilderness could throw at you, including some of its most dangerous wildlife. Do you know what you would do if you came across some of nature's most fierce claws? If you don't have a plan, you might find yourself in a particularly sticky situation. 

Check out some of the most dangerous animals that you could come across on your ne
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Meal planning for when you’re bike touring

Follow this guide equipped with a grocery shopping list and some camp-friendly recipes that will be sure to make meal preparation as easy as can be.

When you're bike touring, you know you have to pack sustenance for at least a couple of days, and if you really sit down and think about it, that requires a lot of well thought out planning. Let's face it, a pile of granola bars is great for a snack, but it won't be enough to really give you the energy you need for the amount of activity you'll be doing. Plus you also have to consider the weight of the food. Your [Read more...]


Plant guide: Poisonous species to avoid on your next bicycle touring or camping trip

Several of these plants are hard to recognize simply because they only exist in the wild - along your bike trail - so it's important to learn their characteristics so you can identify them and steer clear.

There is no doubt, being surrounded by nature's flora and fauna when you are out on the trail is one of the most surreal feelings. You feel the rush of wind in your hair and across your skin. You smell the fresh air and sweet plants. As you know, however, some of those plants can be fairly dangerous. Not only do they stir up your allergies, but they can also inflict some serious damage on your body - some can even cause death.

Several of these pla
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Tips for protecting your skin on a bicycle tour

There are a few skin protection safety tips you'll want to consider before heading out on your bike.

You're an experienced bicyclist, so you understand the importance of protecting your skin from the sun as you ride. However, a little reminder that those harmful UV rays can cause sunburn, and even sometimes lead to skin cancer, should make you want to go the extra mile in protecting your skin. And since spring has finally arrived, you're bound to be spending more time o
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A thru-hiking touring adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail


At the age of 23, Connor DeVane, who currently resides in Portland, Oregon, has already completed a long hiking journey that some may never get to experience in a lifetime. To get a break from today's hectic, modern society and to instead be immersed in nature, DeVane set out for a thru-hiking touring adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail only five days after he received his bachelor's degree in May, 2014.

Despite already having traveled thousands of miles by foot
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Get a grip: Tips for handlebars

Get a better grip with these tips.

It's easy to get caught up in the latest cycling innovations and trends, but sometimes it's best to go back to basics and take a second look at the seemingly innocuous things that actually have a big impact on riding. For instance, the way you grip your handlebars. If you haven't yet, it's worth spending a little time considering how this little factor makes a big difference on your cycling experience.

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Best spring camping destinations for adventurers

Celebrate spring at one of these adventurous camping destinations.

Spring has sprung and it's time to get out and enjoy the warm weather, blue skies and blossoming fauna. Start off the season with an adventurous camping trip in a gorgeously rugged destination. Here are five places you should set up your tent this spring:

1. Twentynine Palms, California
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5 tips for cycling in the rain

Don't let the rain stop you from riding.

With rain showers likely in the forecast this spring, you'll probably be faced with the decision of whether to stay warm and dry inside or venture outside on your bike. Rain can be bleak, but riding in a shower doesn't have to be a bummer.

To transform your wet-weather cycling experience from dismal to delightful, all you need to do is make some simple switches to your regular biking routine. Keep these helpful tips in mind:

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