Tips For Winter Bike Touring & Camping In The Cold Weather

Bicycle touring in cold weather can be frightening. I can’t say it is easy and always fun because it can very much be difficult, challenging and even painful. However if you are prepared and have the right camping equipment and follow those few cycle touring tips, it will make your life much easier.

Tips for bike touring in the cold weather

Winter Bicycle Touring Tips

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Tips and Tricks for using your stove while traveling by bicycle

stove tips12 Tips and Tricks to use your stove while travelling

1) Clean the jet without the tool: At the burner assembly, the fuel comes out of a tiny hole called in the jet which can get obstructed. The cleaning tool consists of a very thin wire encased in plastic. [Read more…]


How To Choose The Best Bicycle Touring Tent

How To Choose The Best Bicycle Touring TentThis guide will help you to determine what is the right cycle touring tent according to your needs. The perfect bike touring tent for anyone else may not be the best touring tent for you. When you are touring on your bicycle, it is more than likely that your tent will be your primary home. [Read more…]


Tips & Tricks When Using Your Tent

Tips & Tricks When Using Your TentNights after nights, years after years, we – as bicycle touring enthusiasts – discover little tricks that make life easier and/or more comfortable. In this article I am offering some that I discovered myself and others shared within the network of bicycle travellers. If you have any useful tips that you would like to share, feel free to leave comments in the review section at the bottom of the page. [Read more…]


How To Make Your Tent Last Many Years Longer

How To Make Your Tent Last Many Years LongerA good tent is an investment. If you take good care of it you will use it for many years. This article will give you tips to you should follow while you are camping and ways for easy maintenance of your tent. [Read more…]


Free Standing Tent (Geodesic) VS. Non-Free Standing Tent (Tunnel)

Free standing VS. Tunnel TentFree standing VS. Tunnel Tent

Pros of tunnel:


Why Do I Need A Good Tent? Which Are The Best Brands?

Why Do I Need A Good Tent? Which Are The Best Brands?If you choose your tent from a well-known manufacturer you can’t go wrong. If you’re a newbie here is a list of top quality tent manufacturers (see below). [Read more…]


Understand the Different Fuels for Camping Stoves

Different Fuel for Stoves

White Gas: (or white gasoline, or naphta)
White gas is a common name for two flammable substances. In its most common modern usage, it is used as a generic name for camp stove and lantern fuel, usually naphtha. [Read more…]


Bivies/Hammock/Tarp: A Lighter Alternative To Tents

Bivies/Hammock/Tarp: A lighter alternative to tents These options are for people who really want to cut down on weight, and some manage to travel quiet well with much less. There are some high quality travel hammocks that will allow you to sleep and be protected from bugs and rain. Hammocks save you the weight of transporting a sleeping pad [Read more…]


Understanding Waterproof Coating / Ratings (in mm) On Tent Fabrics

Understanding waterproof coating / ratings (in mm) on tent fabricsWaterproof coatings
Each manufacturer has its own way to make a tent waterproof, UV resistant and at the same time breathable. The waterproofness of the material is rated in mm and this is a specification you want to look for when you are comparing tents. Numbers go between 800 mm and 10,000 mm. [Read more…]