Tips and Tricks for using your stove while traveling by bicycle

stove tips12 Tips and Tricks to use your stove while travelling

1) Clean the jet without the tool: At the burner assembly, the fuel comes out of a tiny hole called in the jet which can get obstructed. The cleaning tool consists of a very thin wire encased in plastic. [Read more…]


Understand the Different Fuels for Camping Stoves

Different Fuel for Stoves

White Gas: (or white gasoline, or naphta)
White gas is a common name for two flammable substances. In its most common modern usage, it is used as a generic name for camp stove and lantern fuel, usually naphtha. [Read more…]


How To Choose The Right Stove For Cycle Touring, Backpacking Or Hiking

Which Stove?Every bicycle traveler has a special relationship with their stove. He or she chooses it carefully, sometimes brags about it, and takes good care of it, as it is the one thing that will bring warmth and sustenance at the end of a long day’s ride. If you’re planning to go bike touring, you will need a stove– but which one? [Read more…]


International Fuel Names (All Major Fuels In 19 Languages)

International Fuel Names (all major fuels in 19 languages)List of Different Fuel Names in 19 Languages. Practical to take with you when backpacking, traveling or cycling around the world. [Read more…]