Where to find the best seaside biking in the U.S.

Biking along the beach comes with a number of rewards and perks. Here are the best locations.

A refreshing breeze and unparalleled natural beauty are just a few of the reasons people enjoy biking close to the water. And aside from the many rewarding aspects that come with such a trip, there is also the added bonus of getting away from noisy traffic or crowded city parks. 

When planning your next big adventure, you may want to grab your bike and hit the sand. These locations are among the best in the U.S. for seaside biking. 

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
As one of the country's best locations for a beachy get-away, Cape Cod is also an excellent spot for a great bike ride. Not only do the grassy hillsides and white sandy beaches make for a fantastic ride, but the mornings and evenings can be a bit cooler than in other places in the U.S. during the summer. Likewise, during the winter, Cape Cod can be a bit warmer than the rest of Massachusetts, meaning it is more accommodating to riders no matter the season.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, two island destinations that are just a short ferry ride from the mainland, also contain wonderful opportunities for biking by the water. These can be a bit more remote and make for relaxing rides. The timeless style of the Modolo Dumbo 3D Customizable Trekking Handlebar matches the beauty of these locations. 

The shore is a great place to enjoy a bike ride.
The shore is a great place to enjoy a bike ride.

Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania
Some of the country's best coastal bike trails can be found hundreds of miles from the ocean, and Coastal Living reported that Presque Isle State Park is home to breathtaking scenery and opportunities for unforgettable biking. Located on the southern shores of Lake Erie, there are miles of sand to explore and enjoy.

There are other attractions beyond the calming waves. Not only does Presque Isle house a number of colonial buildings, light towers and other interesting locations, but it is a key migratory spot for dozens of species of birds. Bring your bike to Presque Isle and take in the many different sights and sounds.

Florida Keys, Florida
As one of the country's most exclusive and desired vacations spots, the Florida Keys are also home to a number of bike trails. The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, for example, spans from Key Largo to Key West, with 106 miles of biking path in between. This makes it safe and easy to enjoy the majesty of the ocean, as well as the wonderful forests and parks that line the shore. This means you can not only get some serious exercise while on vacation, but also have opportunities to take a more leisurely ride with friends and family.

Imagine biking along some of the country's most breathtaking roads and trails.
Imagine biking along some of the country's most breathtaking roads and trails.

Bandon, Oregon
With 149 different bike trails, this quaint seaside town is among the nation's best kept secrets. Bullards Beach State Park is great for enjoying the shoreline of the mighty Pacific Ocean, while the nearby Coquille River offers another opportunity to bike right along a beautiful waterway. Just a short drive from Eugene, this hidden gem is worth looking in to.

The Jersey Shore, New Jersey
Although parts of the Jersey Shore can get crowded, there are areas that are a little less chaotic. Even among the more popular locations, there are great views and opportunities for serious biking.

Island Beach State Park, meanwhile, is a timeless stretch of sand with old-fashioned homes, sandy dunes and far fewer tourists and less noise than other areas. There are famous spots like "Old Barney," an historic 19th century lighthouse, as well as many seabirds and other wildlife. After your relaxing ride, head in to town for a well-deserved ice cream cone or plate of fried seafood. 

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