Schwalbe Compounds And Puncture Protection Systems Revealed!


Schwalbe Compounds and Puncture Protection Systems Schwalbe is continuously improving the performance of their tires by utilizing the most high tech technologies and engineering processes to create the best compounds, and the best puncture protection systems on the market. Over the years Schwalbe has developed some amazing technologies, and it can be difficult to understand which one offers the best protection and performance, or to compare the technology behind it.
In this article, I will first list the different rubber compounds used by Schwalbe. Then you will find an infographic comparing and ranking the different Puncture Protection System offered by Schwalbe.

Schwalbe Compounds

Triple Star compound: Schwalbe’s best and most sophisticated “Advanced Triple Compounds”. The Road Star,TravelStar, and the OneStar compounds are all “Advanced Triple Compounds”,and all fall under the category of Triple Star Compound.

Speedgrip: Sporty rubber compound with extremely low rolling resistance and exceptional grip.

Triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose. MTB  (PaceStar, TrailStar, VertStar), Roadrace (RaceStar, WetStar), Tour (RoadStar, TravelStar).Black’n Roll: Special rubber compound for wheelchairs. Leaves no unsightly marks on indoor floors and lasts much longer than a normalgray wheelchair tire compound.

One Star Triple compound: Specially developed for the Schwalbe

Dual: Two different rubber compounds for optimal performance.

Endurance: The Marathon compound for the highest durability.

Energizer: Extremely grippy compound for E-Bikes.

GRc: Grey compound for wheelchair tires.

One. A completely new Polymer base makes possible a radical reduction in rolling resistance and cut protection.

Roller: Specially designed for turbo trainers.

SBc: Schwalbe Basic Compound: Versatile quality compound for all applications.

Silica: Special filler in the rubber mixture that positively influences the rolling resistance.

Winter: Special compound for spike tires.

Schwalbe Puncture Protection Systems


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