MATRIX: Match Ortlieb Panniers And Racks Compatibility


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Do you wonder which Ortlieb panniers you need to mount on your rack? Or you have some panniers and you wonder which bicycle rack you should choose?

While on a bicycle tour, the rack and the panniers are some of the most exposed gear to the environment. It is important to choose the right one and to make sure that one can properly mount on another.

First, thanks to the Ortlieb Quick-Lock systems, their panniers fit almost any racks available on the market. Also,¬ Ortlieb, Racktime, and Tubus¬†– which are the most popular bicycle touring brands worldwide –¬†develop their products “together”, to make sure that all their gear are compatible. In other words, Ortlieb panniers will fit any Tubus and Racktime racks.

Ortlieb collected the most popular rack brands on today’s market, and put together a matrix so you can check which Ortlieb panniers go on which rack: Will my Ortlieb panniers fit on my rack?

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