Review: POWER GRIPS vs. STD vs. Toe Clip Pedals (FREE)


Review: POWER GRIPS vs. STD vs. Toe Clip Pedals (FREE)Review of POWER GRIPS vs. STD vs. Toe Clip Pedals.

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Clipless Pedals

Bare Pedals

Increases pedal powerYesYes (when locked in)Yes (when clipped in)No
More power when you need it for technical manouveringYes, simply rotate your foot a little more & get even more power when you need it most.NoNo, in fact many clipless riders clip out for technical sections, losing the benefit of power when you need it most.No
Easy entry & exitYes, simply slide your foot in and out with a natural motion.No (requires bending down to tighten & loosen strap)Depends on type of pedals, shoes & experienceYes
Hands freeYesNoYesYes
Allows use of any type of shoes (even winter boots)Yes (Power Grips are adjustable to fit different shoe sizes & even come in extra long for winter riding with boots.)YesNo (all clipless systems require you to buy special shoes)Yes
No special pedals requiredYes (Power Grips attach to most metal cage pedals).YesNo (in order to use clipless—you need to buy special clipless pedals and shoes.)Yes


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