Interview with Biciclown – 56 countries / 73,000 km / 5 years (March 2010)


Interview with Biciclown - 56 countries / 73,000 km / 5 years (March 2010)Known as the “biciclown,” Alvaro Neil left his hometown in Spain in November of 2004 with the goal of bicycling around the world over a period of ten years and spreading laughter along the way by performing as a clown in the different countries he visited. He aptly calls his journey “Miles of Smiles Around the World.”

As of March 2010, the biciclown is 5 years into his journey and has biked 73,000 km. (44,000 mi.) through 56 countries. In this interview, he tells us about his philosophy of the “art of living” and bicycle travel and gives advice to others who may wish to follow in his footsteps. With great humor, he describes the joy of performing in Africa, the difficulties he faced in India, and challenges he faced along the way. He also talks about bike-touring gear and shares a few valuable tips, such as what to do when you’re spotted while camping in the wild, how to locate a puncture with very little water, and much more.






Interview Highlights

  • What is Biciclown’s philosophy of living and bicycle touring?
  • What are the realities of traveling by bicycle?
  • How does a clown perform despite cultural barriers?
  • What are some of the highlights of his journey?
  • The difficulties Alvaro faced in India.
  • Tips & Tricks on camping, fixing a tire, riding in extreme conditions, etc.
  • Alvaro recommends specific gear for its reliability and durability

Biciclown’s Recommendations

  • Schwalbe Marathon Tire:  “After 10,000 km. and no punctures, I almost forgot how to fix a flat”
  • Ortlieb Panniers: “Almost everyone I met chose these panniers. They are worth the money. They will last a lifetime..”
  • Brooks Saddle: “Always choose Brooks, Heinz has done 590,000 with just 2 of them”
  • Tubus Racks: “You need this kind of rack if you carry a lot of weight”

The Interview

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Biciclown’s Links

Support Biciclown and purchase:

– His Picture Book (in English or Spanish): “Photographic diary of a clown in Africa”
– His Film / Documentary (in Spanish): “Biciclown el Documental. A la velocidad de las mariposas”
– His DVD (in Spanish): “El arte de vivir”
– If you speak Spanish, you can find much more here


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