Essential gear for your next family camping trip


When embarking on camping trips with the family, choosing the right camping gear impacts more than just the convenience and comfort of your journey, but everyone's safety as well. Whether you plan on spending your trip on a campground, on the beach or deep in the forest, it's essential to have everything from a high-quality tent to proper sleeping equipment to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

For families that consider long hikes and bike rides one of the best parts of a camping trip, it's best to remember that convenient, lightweight products may work most efficiently. Before you leave on your next family camping excursion, make sure you bring these must-have supplies for a successful experience. 

Durable, lightweight shelter
Don't choose just any tent for your camping trips. Spend your nights in a reliable multi-person tent that works for every season. If your family consists of active campers who like to challenge themselves to long bike rides during your trip, lightweight tents, such as the Terra Nova Voyager Tent, will work best. The Voyager Tent was designed to sleep two people comfortably and function effectively in every season with its lightweight material. Weighing only a little over 4 pounds, your companions won't have trouble carrying their tents as they ride. With a pitch time of 10 minutes, you're sure to have your site set up in no time. 

vWhen embarking on a family camping trip, finding the right tent will ensure a smooth experience. 

After you've packed your tent, it's a good idea to consider bringing emergency shelter as well. The Superlite Bothy 4-Person Shelter by Terra Nova is ideal for families planning on taking long hiking excursions or biking tours during their trip. No matter which part of the world you're exploring, weather can be unpredictable and you should be prepared for anything. The Bothy Shelter is made of ripstop nylon that's windproof, waterproof and breathable, catering to hikers and bikers that find themselves in the midst of a storm. 

Multipurpose tools
When traveling in a group, using versatile products reduces the amount of gear that everyone has to bring. You can pack different accessories to do your dishes, wash your clothes and fetch water during your trip. However, this takes up a lot of room in your bags. Instead, why not combine everything in one with The Ortleib Folding Bowl? When folded, the product takes up a small amount of space in your pannier so you still have plenty of room for the rest of your essentials.

"Consider using a sleeping pad to prevent stiffness."

Accessories for added comfort
Even the most novice of campers know that a comfortable sleeping bag is essential to a successful camping trip. However, to enhance your comfort level even further, consider using a sleeping pad to prevent stiffness after sleeping on the ground, especially if you have a family hike or bike trip the next day. With the right product, you won't have to worry about lugging around a heavy pad. The Vaude Norrsken Primaloft Sleeping Pad is light and easy to carry without requiring campers to forgo the comfort provided by heavier versions. The Primaloft Infinity technology offers campers enough insulation to serve as an effective barrier between both hot and cold surfaces.

If you and your family plan on spending the night close to the water during a warmer season, there may be a lot of bugs out pestering you. While enjoying meals over the fire, it can save you a lot of hassle to hang up a mosquito net, providing protection from insects so you don't wake up covered in bug bites the next day. Coghlan's Mosquito Net Single is washable and can be used indoors and outdoors as needed. 

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