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While packing for a summer camping trip, it's essential that you take into account all types of potential emergency situations and weather conditions to ensure you and your companions stay safe. You can always check the weather ahead of time, but it's hard to predict exactly when a storm may hit or how much it will rain.

Don't let poor weather put a damper on your summer camping excursion. Bring along this camping gear to ensure you're ready for rainy days.

Once the rain starts falling, you'll want a spacious, high-quality tent that keeps out water. Products made from durable, weather-proof flysheet and groundsheet fabrics will keep campers dry and comfortable throughout the night. Mesh venting is another feature that often comes with the best tents to keep campers from getting too hot while they sleep. Consider investing in groundsheet protectors to extend the lifetime of your tent and help it stay clean in muddy conditions. 

If you plan on taking lengthy hiking or biking excursions while on your trip, be prepared with emergency shelter. The Terra Nova Bothy 2 Person Shelter is both wind- and waterproof thanks to its durable ripstop nylon fabric that protects bikers and hikers who get caught in stormy conditions. The lightweight material also makes the shelter easy to pack and carry in your bike pannier or backpack. 

Bring emergency shelter with you on your hiking excursions so you're ready for unexpected storms.
Bring emergency shelter with you on your hiking excursions so you're ready for unexpected storms.

Bring a tarp that you can place under your sleeping bag to stop moisture from seeping into the fabric. You can also use your tarp to cover your belongings, such as your firewood, before you leave for a bike trip in case it rains while you're gone. The Grabber MPI Space All Weather Blanket / Tarp can be used year-round for these tasks. It also makes an effective medical blanket or shelter against wind, rain and frigid conditions later on in the year for winter camping. 

"Look for jackets with Precip Dry Touch Technology."

Water- and wind-resistant apparel is key for outdoor activities in the rain. An adjustable hood with drawstrings will increase comfort during activity in inclement weather. Look for jackets like the Marmot Precip Men's Jacket Eucalyptus with Precip Dry Touch Technology for a design that's extra breathable and waterproof. 

Sleeping gear
The sleeping bag you take on your trip greatly impacts how easy it is to catch some shut-eye on rainy nights after long days of exploration. The Marmot Never Winter Long 30 Down Sleeping Bag is light and breathable for warm summer nights, while its 600+ goose down insulation ensures that campers stay cozy on cooler mornings. 

Whether you use your hammock as a place to lounge or as an alternative to your tent, it's important that it's quick-dry and breathable for wet weather conditions. Pack a product, such as the Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More, with features designed to keep pesky critters out, especially bugs like mosquitos that emerge in moist settings. These hammocks come with netting to protect campers from insects of all sizes so relaxing is easier.

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