U.S. cyclist rode from Palo Alto to Tierra del Fuego


Many bike enthusiasts make serious plans for bike touring in their heads – biking from city to city in Europe, crossing the United States, disappearing for months – but many fail to reach their goals because other things in life interfere. One U.S. cyclist just made his dream tour come true by riding 16,000 miles over the course of 17-months from Palo Alto, Calif. to Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost tip of South America. He followed that ride up by flying to Massachusetts and riding back to Palo Alto from there, Bay Nature reported. 

The cyclist, David Kroodsma, started his long-range biking in the Pacific Northwest during college. This passion for 100+ mile rides gave him the idea for the transcontinental tour that he eventually took. He told the news source that having the right camping and bicycle equipment was key for his success. 

"If you know how to ask for a place to camp in Spanish, have camping gear, and a reliable bike, it's remarkably easy. In the countryside, I either camped behind people's homes, or hid off the road in the wilderness … I stayed at about 100 homes and slept at almost 40 fire stations. It was a great way to meet people!," Kroodsma explained. 

Kroodsma's bike was strapped with panniers and water bottles, but that is far from all the planning he did. Preparing for a journey that large can be daunting, according to Travelling Two, which advised people how to plan for such a large tour.

Even for people who have a destination in mind, choosing the route can be a whole new challenge. Cyclists should get good maps that they are familiar with and that they can bring on the trip – 1:200,000 to 1:400,000 scale is recommended. Riding small roads through interesting terrain is always the most fun option. People should also make sure that they prepare for the unexpected – you never know when you'll need extra food or tools. 

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