What should you pack for your long-distance biking tour?


There are several steps to prepare for a long-distance bike tour, from planning your route to fueling your body for your lengthy trip. While all aspects of the planning process are essential to a positive experience, packing is often the biggest challenge. As you pack for your trip, take note of these essential products that are crucial to the success of your ride. 

"Long-distance tourers need biking and camping items."

Avoid overpacking your camping gear
Because factors like inclement weather and flat tires are always a possibility, packing for an extended bike tour can be challenging, as you never know what might happen. This makes distinguishing between must-have belongings and those that are OK to leave behind difficult.

Most long-distance tourers need to pack both biking and camping items. In addition to clothing and other personal belongings, here are some of the essentials for your extended bike tour. If you don't have your own products and tools, consider investing in these high-end options, which are frequently considered to be among the best on the market. 


  • Lightweight, weather-proof sleeping bag –  Marmot Nanowave 45F REG Synthetic Sleeping Bag Team Red is one of the best sleeping bags to take on long rides, as you can fit it in your pannier without weighing down your bike. Its polyester taffeta fabric keeps moisture out to ensure comfort in all types of weather.
  • Tent designed for extended bike toursThe Terra Nova Laser Photon 1 Tent is the ideal one-person, lightweight product for long-distance biking tours. At just 1.6 pounds, it is currently the world's lightest double-walled tent. The product works efficiently in wet and warm weather conditions with extra venting.
  • Ultra-light cookware  – The Trangia 27-3 UL HA Ultra Light Hard Anodized Stove Kit provides campers with all of the equipment they may need to prepare a meal outdoors, including everything from the stove burner to the frying pan. You'll hardly feel them in your backpack, as they weigh a mere 26 ounces.


  • Space-efficient bike pump  – Topeak Mini DXG MasterBlaster Pump comes with a built-in gauge. It weighs 0.37 pounds and is about 9 inches long, fitting perfectly in the center of your pannier or conveniently in a side pocket. It's fast, powerful and works with Presta and Schrader valves, ensuring that you don't get stuck with a flat tire.
  • Tire lever – The Park Tool Tire Levers Set was made with durable nylon and an effective design that prevents the tube from being pinched.
  • High-quality tubesSchwalbe Tube SV Presta 40mm Valve has been tested twice, earning it a reputation as being among the most reliable products on the market. With high elasticity, these tubes cover all tire sizes between 28 mm and 47 mm. They also come with classic bicycle valves that are capable of pressure testing.?
If you end up with a flat tire, you should be prepared with the right tools to fix it.
If you end up with a flat tire, you should be prepared with the right tools to fix it.

Use the appropriate equipment
Once you have all of the right products ready, it's important that you have high-quality panniers to pack them in. For long-distance tours that require both camping and biking gear, the most essential features of your pannier are that it's lightweight and spacious. A product that won't weigh your bike down and fits all of your belongings will significantly enhance how enjoyable your trip is. 

  • Pannier for larger itemsThe Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic QL2.1 Panniers offer 40 liters of packing space and are made of durable, waterproof polyester fabric that protects all of your belongings as you ride. They can be mounted on and replaced from your bike rack with their efficient QL2.1 fixing. 
  • Handlebar bag for your valuablesThe Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Pro Black Handlebar Bag is ideal for holding items like your navigation system and your map. It attaches to your handlebar and features an accessible magnetic lid to keep your belongings secure. 
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