7 Father’s Day gift ideas for your cycling dad


Don't get your dad a new shirt or useless gizmo for Father's Day. If he's the kind of guy who uses his vacation time each year to head out on a multi-week cycling trip, he rides every weekend, or you two have gone on a long touring trip, indulge his hobby with one of these great cycling gifts. 

1. New pedals 
Does your dad have good pedals? Even if he's spent time and money upgrading his bicycle to deal with the rig
ors of long-distance tours, he may not have switched out his pedals for a more durable, comfortable pair. 

"Give your dad a more comfortable saddle."

Look for pedals that are built to last whether he's stepping on them for a few days in a row or a few thousand miles. Also look for pedals that detach easily for travel, have reliable grips and don't weigh more than they need to. 

2. A better saddle 
When your dad is touring
through Europe or attempting his first cross-country ride, make sure he's sitting on a comfortable seat.

Many of the saddles that touring bicycles come equipped with look cool but aren't as comfortable as possible. This Father's Day, buy your dad a Brooks saddle. It's a light, simple and reliable saddle that comes from the premier manufacturer in the world. It's guaranteed to be comfortable for as long as dad needs it. 

3. Reliable panniers 
Panniers may not feel like exciting gifts, but you can rest assured your dad will love them. A good set of Ortlieb panniers will allow him to travel with his camping equipment, clothing and anything else he might need on a multi-week tour without fear of damage from gravel, weather or thieves. And, these bags aren't a fleeting gift, they'll last your dad for years. The only hard decision about buying your dad panniers is knowing which color to pick.  

Invest in new panniers for pop.
Invest in new panniers for pop.

4. Handlebar phone case 
When you're touring through a foreign land, there's no better tool than your smartphone. From its GPS feature to the ability to translate road signs, a smartphone can be invaluable on the road. Make sure your dad has his handy and safe with a handlebar bag that displays his smartphone while keeping it secure and protected from weather. 

5. Lights
You love your dad, so help him stay safe on the road by getting him a good set of lights. This trusty LED option will ensure that your father can see in low light situations and that cars can see him. 

6. A lightweight tent 
If your dad is new to cycle touring, he may be lugging around more camping gear than he needs. Traditional camping gear may fit in his panniers, but its extra weight can make it harder to cover as much ground each day. Give him a new lightweight tent option this year. 

Help your dad camp in style.
Help your dad camp in style.

Try the Terra Nova Laser Ultra. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the "lightest double wall shelter in the world." However, even though it's known for being light, it's also easy to set up, well made and comfortable. Your dad should have no trouble fitting this compact tent into his panniers.  

7. A good lock 
You and your dad have put a lot of effort into his bike, so ensure that it stays his with a reliable bike lock. Buy your dad the Kabletek Flexweave Integra Flex All-In-One Cable Lock. It gives him the option to use a combination or key – whichever is easiest at the time. But this lock isn't just a good gift for its versatility – the Kabletek Flexweave Integra Flex All-In-One Cable Lock is made of fine high-carbon steel wire and won't be cut through anytime soon.

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