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GRABAAWR offers bicycle touring opportunity through Wisconsin

GRABAAWR offers bicycle touring opportunity through Wisconsin

When it comes to bicycle touring, cyclists will tell you that hardly anything compares to the feeling of the wind on your back as you travel alongside Mother Nature. Whether you're bike touring through Peru or you're keeping it close to home in the U.S., there are many reasons to engage in this pastime. One of the biggest is to explore new surroundings and dive into the great outdoors.

The 2013 Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River is an example of an event that will allow you to do so if you're interested in catching a breath of fresh air. According to the event's official website, GRABAAWR is one tour that shouldn't missed, especially if you're interested in seeing what the heart of the country has to offer. GRABAAWR, which will take place between June 22 and 29, is guaranteed to be satisfying to all riders seeking a challenge.

Full of hills and rugged roads, the GRABAAWR tour route is perfect for cyclists who want to work on their endurance. Travelers will ride the length of the Wisconsin River, which is more than 427 miles. In addition, they will have the opportunity to see the Northwoods, central sand counties and the state's dairy land. Because the tour is limited to 1,000 cyclists, participants can be sure they'll have a quaint, serene ride. 

During each of the seven days of the tour, cyclists will travel up to 85 miles to eventually reach the finish line. Food stops and swimming holes are along the way for unique breaks while traveling.

Prepping for an extended bicycle tour
Whether you're participating in GRABAAWR or another seven-day bike tour, you'll want to ensure you're physically prepared for the challenge. In addition to having the proper bike gear, it's crucial to cycle daily in order to improve your endurance and stamina leading up to your extended trip. Furthermore, you'll want to do checks on your bicycle to make sure it's prepared to handle the trails. Consider having a professional check your bike, or execute a tune-up on your own to get it into shape. 

Finally, think about riding with a buddy. Doing so can not only combat loneliness, but give you an extra support system in the event that you have an emergency on the road. By taking these tips into consideration, you can have the ride of a lifetime, regardless of where you're traveling.

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