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Endicott to expand cycling trails

Endicott to expand cycling trails

While many people enjoy bicycle touring and exploring their local surroundings, it can be challenging at times to do so without roadways that accommodate cyclists. Bike touring continues to grow in popularity across the country, but not all towns and cities have the means for people to enjoy riding through their areas. Now, one man may have just made it easier for individuals looking to travel through Endicott, New York, according to

Kevin Babcock, a bike merchant in the area, is pitching his idea for a half-dozen trails and routes through the region to cater to cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts. Officials in Endicott were already working on making the location more interesting to individuals on the hunt for additional recreational activities. Babcock simply saw this as a chance to speak to organizers about his plan.

"Here in the village, you could do a variety of different walks on different terrains," Babcock told the news source. "You could check out downtown, the parks, or go up into some of the old Italian neighborhoods to see some nice-looking houses and get something to eat."

Frank Flint, who is on the trustee committee, said that the project may be feasible and completely possible to incorporate into the area by this summer. Although he believes it would bring more cyclists and sidewalk traffic to the village, Flint states that this could be a great opportunity to get neighbors to meet one another. Additionally, Mayor John Bertoni claims that more trails could drive people to visit Endicott, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the local economy.

"I met this idea with enthusiasm," Bertoni told the source. "This could create more exposure for businesses ... and it could make people more aware of what we have around here."

The benefits of bike trails
Many people already know that bike trails make it substantially easier for tour participants to travel. However, there are numerous benefits associated with trails in connection to their communities as well. These specialized roadways can improve local economies and boost local employment levels, according to The League of American Cyclists. Additionally, trails for cyclists can potentially reduce pollution levels in towns and cities. More people are likely to use them for commuting via bike rather than relying on their motor vehicles, according to Ride This Bike. 

By taking these advantages into account, more communities may begin creating bike lanes for cyclists just as Endicott is doing.

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