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Charleston bicycle tour offers historical look at the area

Charleston bicycle tour offers historical look at the area

As more people look for ways to explore their surroundings while catching a breath of fresh air, bicycle touring is growing in popularity. Not only does it come with its fair share of exercise, but bike touring can give people the opportunity to get to know other cyclists while indulging in the local culture.

One event that continues to grow in popularity is the Charleston Bicycle Tour, which takes individuals throughout the quiet region over the course of a single weekend. Charleston's Plantation and Quaint Town event begins at the start of April and offers dates through the fall, according to the organizers' official website. Individuals who sign up for this tour get to enjoy some of the area's most popular sites, renowned for their legacy in history books. In addition, cyclists have the opportunity to wine and dine in some of Charleston's most prized restaurants.

Some of the notable stops along the tour include the Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston Tea Plantation and the Firefly Distillery. Individuals will also enjoy the chance to explore Wadmalaw Island and the Village of Rockville, founded in 1784. This event is not only perfect for Southern history buffs, but cyclists who want to reconnect with Mother Nature while riding.

While the ride is considered to be for moderate-level cyclists, it's worth noting that each day will require individuals to travel between 20 and 30 miles in order to keep up with the group. However, tour organizers offer participants van rides to get to and from their destinations in the event that they need a little break.

Are there benefits to cycling?
If you enjoy cycling on a frequent basis as your main form of exercise, the good news is that this physical activity comes with several benefits. In addition to being a low-impact exercise that virtually anyone can do, cycling can potentially improve your heart function and boost your immune system, according to Discovery Health. Additionally, some evidence suggests that the activity may help your cognitive functions.

Needless to say, cycling burns an ample amount of calories. This means that you're likely to shed a few extra pounds if you do it on a regular basis. If you're looking to stay slim or maintain your figure, don't give up cycling! In the end, these benefits just might be enough to encourage you to sign up for another bicycle tour.

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